The White-faced Ibis that Jonathan Pons located remains at the flooded 
marsh-like area adjacent and just west of the EB McBaine MO

I car-scoped the bird from the gated pull-off leading into the Columbia 
water plant.  The bird was on the far side of the area along with 18 Great 
Egrets and 5 Great-blue Heron.

And as long as I am posting, I want to  recommend a truly good book I am 
presently reading, Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness 
by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. She writes of crows, urban life and the role of the 
Even wears her bins (and uses them) wherever she goes in the city.  Dont 
know how that would go over here in Columbia but she certainly does find a 
lot of the wildness still in the urban life of Seattle Wash.  A great read.

Anne Downing
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Columbia MO 

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