I think it was Susan Hazelwood who posted the link to "State of the Birds" the 2009 Report, wasn't it?  Thank you so much.  I finally got around to reading through most of it and watching the short video.  Gorgeous photography.  I only wish it was a longer video.  

I am excited to look more in-depth at the "What You Can Do" section.  Within this section, they have a subsection called "Getting Involved in Citizen Science" (sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology) which includes a project called "Celebrate Urban Birds" that promotes conservation in cities through gardening, the arts and observing birds.  (They even encourage container planting for birds!)  I might contact the Green Center and see if they know about this program - and volunteer to get something like it started if they don't. 

I'd love to be trained to be a citizen-scientist/ornithologist.  I read on this list about folks involved in conservation counts and banding and other important work.  I'd like to jump in and learn more about all of this - and do it.  

Could someone talk a bit more in-depth about banding locally?  What exactly do you all do? What's the overall context for which you are banding? 

And how do counts work?  I read sometimes on the list about huge numbers of birds counted by folks - it sounds like for conservation purposes.  How in the world do you estimate that?

Any recommendations about where to start - to become a citizen-scientist to help with local conservation efforts?

What habitat restoration or conservation projects are going on locally in Missouri by bird organizations?  

I'd love to hear the history of how Gaddy Garden in Tower Grove happened. I would like to do more things like that in St. Louiis - and learn to protect them. Gaddy is a fantastic achievement.   

But I know folks have said over the years honeysuckle was allowed to overgrow in Gaddy and such.  What can we do about that? They certainly chopped it back during the late summer but I am not sure I know enough to know if they did a good or bad job.  It looked decimated in certain spots. But I wouldn't really know.  I asked John Karel but go no answer. 

 For anyone who missed the link to State of the Birds, here it is again:

Chris McClarren
St. Louis South City
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