What a raw day.  Everything here is thoroughly sodden.  Bright side:  
very little wind.  I birded from the car.

At overfull Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area, Callaway Co.,  
several boats had floated away from the southwest corner "banking"  
area and are now strewn around the lake, capsized or riding low in  
the water.  One picnic table is underwater.

On the southeast side, from the parking area at the handicapped- 
accessible trail, seen near the fishing jetty were 2 Eared Grebes  
trying to keep company with 2 American Coots who did not want them  
nearby (aggressively discouraging proximity), and in the vicinity  
were 5 Pied-billed Grebes.

At the entrance of that parking lot were 3 unusually friendly Guineas.

Two hundred Tree Swallows coursed the lake in rapid, rapacious  
fashion unlike the relaxed cruising manner of summer.

One more sign of autumn:  a flock of variably plumaged Yellow-rumped  
Warblers bounced around the Rt. J parking area.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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