I found a nice bunch of migrants this morning at the Smoke and Davey Trail (trailhead off Hwy. W) at Smithville Lake (Clay County, MO). Going south from the trailhead, migrant and resident songbirds were seen in the trees and shrubs along the first 3/4 mile or so. Taking the first left on the paved trail (about 3/4 mile from the trailhead), there is a remnant riparian woodland with some decent sized Oaks. Birds were found here as well. Highlights:
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet-50+
Yellow-Rumped Warbler-20
Orange-Crowned Warbler-3
Golden Crowned Kinglet-1
Blue-Headed Vireo-2
Brown Creeper-4
Winter Wren-2 (including one in full song!)
Nashville Warbler-1
Hermit Thrush-1
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker-1
White-Throated Sparrow-10
White Crowned Sparrow-2
Lincoln's Sparrow-1
Seen on a power line on Hwy. F, just south of Hwy. W:
Loggerhead Shrike-1
Some new arrivals were on the main body of the lake:
Common Loon-3
Caspian Tern-1
Bonaparte's Gull-20
Franklin's Gull-2,000+
Ring-Billed Gull-100
Good Birding!
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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