How funny when I got on MOBIRDS tonight and saw all the posts about Wrens. What a fun time I had this morning at the edge of town across the lake from the Green Hills Golfcourse. Stella the dog and I spent about an hour out there rambling around in the weedy hayfield and brushy draws. The first bird that flew up out of the grasses was an Eastern Phoebe. Then got into the Wrens. They were down in the grass but could pretty easily be pished up into small trees and bushes in the draws. One place I was looking at 5 Sedge Wrens, 2 House Wrens, and a Common Yellowthroat. At another 5 SEWR, a HOWR, and a COYE in some willows near the lakeshore. In a brushpile at a different part - 5 HOWR, and a Carolina Wren, then a SEWR popped up down the slope. Just up the slope from there in an old Pear Tree that has fallen over [though still alive and producing tasty fruit]  3 SEWR and a HOWR.  Had a few more HOWR in the pine grove and a Wilson's Warbler. Also had couple of Grasshopper Sparrows, a Song Sparrow, and kicked up a Sora. Did not find any Marsh Wrens -  sometimes find them in this field too. Ended up with 20+ each SEWR and HOWR, with the only singing was a little bit couple times from a SEWR.  This field should be good for other Sparrows this Fall/ Winter too if they don't mow it again.  On a down note - 
 I could hear work going on at the latest Mega House at the South side of the property while I was there.
Big movement of Pied-billed Grebes also - counted 50 of them on the lake!
 Steve Kinder
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