Just coming to understand the seasons in bird life.  This morning, while putting out feed, noticed that some of the sunflower seeds shaken out of feeder by squirrel were not being "cleaned up" in the night. The raccoons have gone.  And there are fewer squirrels and less food in general is being consumed.  "My" birds are mostly not migrants.
     So, I am thinking as you all have been writing about the berries and stuff that are plentiful in fall, that my yard has been a training ground for the young.  I've had young raccoons, young woodchucks, young birds all summer. And if I look at pics of all the cooper's hawks who have been observed in my yard, they were all young and for the most part not really catching prey. So I have easy food, although maybe not the best food.  I'm feeling a bit like an empty nester, here.  All in the cycle of life, I guess. 

 Jane Allen
 St. Louis County
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