On Sunday morning, Mark McKellar of the Backyard Bird Center in Kansas City North led a small group of birders on a trip to Weston Bend and Lewis & Clark State Parks.  We found most of the bird activity in small pockets -- lots of activity in some areas and nearly none in others in Weston Bend.  We spent most of our time in the more open parts of the bike trail and at the overlook above the river.  Here are the species from Weston Bend:
   Green Heron -1
   Turkey Vultures -3
   Common Nighthawk -1
   Belted Kingfisher -1
   Red-headed Woodpeckers - 3
   Red-bellied Woodpecker -1
   Downy Woodpecker -1
   Eastern Wood Peewee -1
   Eastern Phoebe -1
   White-eyed Vireo -1
   Yellow-throated Vireo -1
   Blue Jays - ~40
   American Crows -2
   Tufted Titmouse -3
   Black-capped Chickadee -1
   White-breasted Nuthatch -1
   Ruby-crowned Kinglet -1
   Eastern Bluebirds
   American Robins - 5
   Gray Catbirds -2
   Brown Thrasher -1
   Cedar Waxwings ->100
   Northern Parula -1
   Nashville Warbler -1
   Black&White Warbler -1
   Wilson's Warbler -1
   Hooded Warbler -1
   Summer Tanagers -3
   Scarlet Tanager -1
   Rose-breasted Grosbeak -2
   Northern Cardinals -2
   Common Grackles -4
   American Goldfinch - 1
Lewis & Clark State Park:
   American Pelican -1
   Double Crested Cormorants -14
   Canada Geese - 7
   Tree Swallows
   Purple Martins
   Cliff Swallows
   Barn Swallows

On the roads in rural Platte Co, we also saw the following:
   Little Blue Heron
   Great Egrets
   Great Blue Heron
   Wood Ducks
   Blue-winged Teal
   Wild Turkeys
   Mourning Dove
   Northern Rough-winged Swallows
   Red-winged Blackbirds

       Another great day of birding.  If you were along on the trip and notice any species I have missed, please feel free to add them

Susan Seyboth
Kansas City, MO
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