There is some kind of fall-out at Tower Grove....I got out of my car at Gaddy and just south of it, across the street, were too many Chesntut-sideds and other warblers to count.  I followed them over to the area across from the bathrooms where there was a fallout(?) of...tens of grackles...way over 100...

In the midst of this, I still found many Chestnut-sideds, lots of birds (warblers and vireos, possibly) I couldn't identify, and a few I could:

Northern Parula
Bay-Breasted Warbler - femaile!  (That was exciting.)
Chesnut-sided Warblers
Tennesse Warbler
Magnolia Warblers
Red-breasted Grosbeak - femaile
Chipping Sparrow
Black-and-white Warblers
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (this guy was over at Gaddy as I was leaving)

I had to leave to pick my husband up from the airport (really the metro - he takes that into the city so we don't waste gas driving all the way to the airport)  but I am going back to Tower Grove as soon as I can.

Just wanted to let others know.  Now I gotta go get my honey.

Chris McClarren
St. Louis South City
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