Edge.  Thanks for the response.  I am actually heading to Columbia on 
Thursday.  Heading out from the K.C. area around 6am.   Should be interesting 
to see what it's like right now.  Probably not the ideal time to go, but it's now 
or never due to some training at work this fall.  

Thank you,

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009 07:46:33 -0500, Edge <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>You may get several responses.  Hopefully each will give you
>something you can use.
>You don't say where you live, or what day of the week you want to go
>to Eagle Bluffs.  Columbia birders are a friendly lot and it is very
>likely someone will offer to bird Eagle Bluffs with you.  This would
>be a good option for you, as having a local show you the "best spots"
>and where to expect what is always a goo bet.
>I'll be available on Thursday and Friday.  I'm sure others will be
>open on other days, too.
>The whole area is open until the beginning of waterfowl hunting
>season (about October 15).
>It is a big area, so it is generally birded by car, with stops, often
>to set up spotting scopes for something distant.
>I haven't been down there for a couple of weeks, so don't know what
>the water level is.  On the map several areas are identified as
>"Pools."  Right now, most of these are planted in beans or corn--no
>water in them.  They will be flooded after harvest.
>Few ducks can be expected yet.  This is a slow period, but you never
>know when something special may come along.  Pelicans, egrets, gulls
>and terns, cormorants, etc., could all be around on any given day. A
>few shorebirds may be there if there are mudflats.
>There is a very long walking trail (not a loop) that heads down river
>from the parking lot at the river (the only one with handicap
>slots).  I often walk a way on it, then turn around and go back to
>the car.  It goes through woods, often very near the river.
>Edge Wade
>Columbia, MO
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>On Sep 12, 2009, at 7:24 AM, Annette Talbot wrote:
>> Any help is appreciated.  I have read all archived posts about
>> eagle bluffs from
>> september of 2008 and this year.   I have never been there.   From
>> the map I
>> pulled off the internet, there are a lot of no hunting zones (shown
>> with red
>> cross hatch).   Dove hunting going on right now per another post, but
>> someone mentioned only in the afternoons.
>> I am going there one day this week, and have free time to bird from
>> 8-12
>> approximately.   Does the 'stay in your car' advice apply to
>> mornings too?  Any
>> areas you would avoid?  Any areas that are a 'must'?   Are the
>> 'parking lot'
>> squares on the map really lots, or just turn outs?   Just curious
>> about that.
>> Thanks for any advice.   I'm looking forward to my outing.
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