Dear MoBirders,

I had the Great Displeasure of Seeing my Very First Wild BARN OWL today as I 
was driving on some of the Backroads of Central Missouri on my way back from 
Work... Unfortunately, I found it Dead along side Mo Highway B near Bunceton 
in Cooper County... Clearly it had been Hit by a Car, and even though it was 
Very Mangled, I could tell that it was a Beautiful Barn Owl... Very, Very Sad...

Michelle and I have been wanting to See a Barn Owl for Several Years now, 
but I haven't had Any Luck until today... I am Glad to know that there are a 
few around the area, something to keep my eye out for, but I would much 
rather not have come to this Realization in this way... What else can I say, 
another one of our Rare and Lovely Owls gone... Hopefully it is Flying 
Peacefully somewhere in "Bird Heaven", at least I Hope there is one, they 
Deserve it for All the Joy and Pleasure that they Give to All of us, each and 
every day... Thank You Birdies!!!

Please Take Care.

Jonathan B. Pons
Boonville, Cooper County

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