Northeast Modern Language Association 41st Annual Convention
Montreal April 7-11, 2010

Cultural Memory and Diversity: Continuity or Ruptures in Postunification 
Discourses on Identity?

The search for a usable past has emerged in the Berlin Republic and has 
allowed space for narratives of suffering as well as those of 
perpetration or resistance with regard to Germany's multifaceted pasts. 
  At the same time, a significant corpus of contemporary writing comes 
from nonnative authors who write in the national language but outside 
the canon and are frequently confronted with Germany's ongoing notion of 
an ethnically defined cultural identity and postunification myth of an 
organic national monoculture.

This session invites proposals for interdisciplinary papers (in German 
or English) that explore the effects of Germany's various "pasts" as 
well as present cultural transformations on contemporary identity 
formation in literature and film across a wide range of (trans)cultural 
and aesthetic perspectives.

Please submit a one page abstract to Elke Segelcke
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Deadline:  September 30, 2009

Please include with your abstract:

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The 41st Annual Convention will feature approximately 350 sessions, as
well as dynamic speakers and cultural events.  Details and the
complete Call for Papers for the 2010 Convention is posted on the NeMLA 

Interested participants may submit abstracts to more than one NeMLA
session; however panelists can only present one paper (panel or
seminar).  Convention participants may present a paper at a panel and
also present at a creative session or participate in a roundtable.

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