MO Birders,

Got a question for anyone, but St. Louis area birders may have seen these. We took a walk in Forest Park yesterday afternoon. Stopped by Jefferson lake (at east end of park). There was a flotilla of maybe 4 dozen mallards and wood ducks of mixed sexes, ages and plumages. Mixed in were three larger "ducks". Many of the Mallards and Wood ducks as well as the large ducks were very "tame". Some even approached us, looking for food I assume. So, I would guess they are fairly long term guests. A couple of the large ducsk looked like "barnyard" ducks. One had the warty face and appropriate color scheme to be a Muscovy. We are curious what the other two might be. I am thinking one may be another Muscovy. It did not have the warty face, but did have the mottled feet and Black/White color scheme. The third one was odd. I was thinking Mallard till we realized it was the size of the Muscovy, not the other Mallards. It had a fairly even dark rust body with purple wing bars, these had white bands at each end like a mallard. The head/neck was a grayish color with some black shadow lines on top and side of head. It almost looks like a Mallard cross with larger duck.

I have some cell phone photos of all three, though the mallard-like one hit the water before I got good shot, so all I have are blurry silhouettey shots of it.

Photos are here. If anyone has seen these birds or can tell me what they are, we'd be interested to hear.



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