Arrived at White River Trace a little after 7:30 am this morning, 57 degrees, clear and beautiful..........First year warblers were in good numbers especially Kentucky, followed by Prairie, Commom Yellow throat, Blue wing, Red Start, and Chats, Field sparrows and Indigo Bunting by the hunders, Most Woodpeckers were in good numbers and vocal as were hawk, vireo and flycatchers. I found three Yellow Billed cuckoos and saw my first every Black Billed which I have only heard in the past, that was a treat. Six Night Hawks cruising and feeding, they so so acrobatic and fun to watch.
Mullein, Brown eyed Susan, many variety of Goldenrod, Sneezeweed, Horseweed and Ragweed everywhere as is Tickseed which in one damp bottom area covers two or more acres; as you stand in the middle of this field of gold all you hear are thousands of honey bees and the birds, nature at it's best,
Warm season grasses are very healthy this year with rich full seed heads, combined with the wildflowers this should  be an excellent fall for sparrows.
Many species still feeding nesting young and many (imms) everywhere. One area of concern was the absence of grasshoppers, I only saw a couple all morning long.
Results posted on CACHE.
Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO

Bird by bird I've come to know the earth.
Pablo Neruda.
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