The Motley Crue has left.  I haven't seen them for the past 3 days.  Little Love is still on edge, however.  She has reaquainted herself w/the flowers, yet w/obvious agitation.  She will sip nectar from them for a minute, and then back up and hover, while frantically looking around.  The window feeder is still her "base".  Her uneasiness could be from another H-Bird that I haven't seen yet, or the big cold front that will have nighttime lows in the upper 40's soon. Time will tell.  I have had the good fortune to take some nice pics of her this year.  It has been w/many trials and mostly errors.  Somedays she will buzz by me as if to say "here I am, click away".  That's when I don't have the camera.  When I do have it beside me, more often than not, she buzzes real hard past me w/chatter.  As if to say "No, not today, I"m not really feeling it".  I still try of course.  I should listen more.
Bryan Prather
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