Hi List,

A short report, more later - Spent my first day at RMBS - had a great 

Spotted the Osprey in the large tree just west of the "Cormorant Tree".

Watched "him" all day. Two dives into Ellis Bay yielded fish both times.
A large carp on the first dive, which "he" dropped on the mud beach 
attempting to land on a "driftwood" tree stump below his perch tree.

This was all on the south/Ellis Bay side of that east/west running 

While watching Osprey #1, observed a second flying from over the ELF to
the southwest with a large carp in talons. Peter, who reports on the
Peregrines at Wash. U Med Center stopped by and we watched the
Ospreys. Peter spotted a Peregrine Falcon that was buzzing and annoying
Osprey #1. Shortly thereafter, I spotted a Bald Eagle who also ended
up being chased around by the PF.

Many Cormorants, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and GB Herons among

Ducks, as yet unidentified - I need to down load my photos, Killdeer
and another shorebird, also to be identified later.

Was hoping for a sunny day, which would have helped the photography,
but all in all a really fun day.

More to follow as time and wife permit.

BTW - Had a nice cell phone conversation with Jackie Chain while
watching the Osprey. Thanks Jackie, for the instructions and checking
to make sure I got where I was going!!

John Hitzeman
Troy, Lincoln, MO

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