Greg in Ozark and MObirds -
Greg asks if YTWA that breed in pines may also breed in sycamores
in other seasons.
The Birds of North America account  states that the very few banded
birds that have been recovered were found very close to where
they were originally banded.  This would imply IMO that site fidelity is
high in YTWA and we can surmise that they probably do not breed in
pines one year and then breed in sycamores in other years.  Good
question but based on what I have read no one knows for sure.   
Here in the Joplin area I have always found YTWA in sycamores. 
Our neighbor has a huge sycamore and one early summer I got one
for our yard list.  We're a mile north of the largest stream: Turkey Creek,
where sycamores and YTWA are to be expected in the nesting season. 
Good birding,
Larry H.  Joplin, Jasper County, MO
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