FYI St. Louis birders.
Msg from Dan Kassebaum. Mark Seiffert observed the bird.
I do not know the specific area, so can not help with exact directions for 
the "nesting culverts".
White-taile Access is on the East side off of 2030N road just north of 
Boulder (the town).
This is marked on the gray "Carlyle Lake Hunting and Fishing Guide" map put 
by the Corp (go to their office open during the week to get a copy or call 
to see if they still have copies..........this map has been hard to get in 
the past)

ALSO 2 sightings of REDDISH EGRET in IL (central and northern, see IBET)
one is a White Morph.
Then the Tri-colored at Carlyle
LOOK through those egrets and herons well.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.


Hi Dan,

Red Knot at Whitetail this morning. Same compartment as the Wllet feeding 
east of the concrete nesting culverts.


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