At 11:01 AM 8/26/2009, Charlene and Jim Malone wrote:
>FYI St. Louis birders.
>Msg from Dan Kassebaum. Mark Seiffert observed the bird.
>I do not know the specific area, so can not help with exact 
>directions for the "nesting culverts".
>White-taile Access is on the East side off of 2030N road just north 
>of Boulder (the town).
>This is marked on the gray "Carlyle Lake Hunting and Fishing Guide" 
>map put out
>by the Corp (go to their office open during the week to get a copy 
>or call 618-594-2484
>to see if they still have copies..........this map has been hard to 
>get in the past)

The map/guide is online:


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