Birding friends:

At lunch today and large red-tailed hawk was sitting above my feeders on the light pole in the Waldo section of Kansas City, Mo.  There were six mockingbirds harassing the hawk as it sat above the feeders.   I have observed two young red-tailed hawks all spring and summer in this area which is very residential near the intersection of 74th street and Main.  
I finally found the nest site for the hawks which is on a new cell tower tower that was installed this winter two block se from my location.  
While mockingbirds harass hawks I thought it was unusual to see this behavior in the crowded city.   I have also seen Sharped Shinned and Cooper's Hawks in this neighborhood this spring and summer as well.
Last year a family of Kestrels set up housekeeping in a tall oak tree one block to the south as well. 
Several of my neighbors have feeding stations set up and the area attracts a wide variety of birds on a daily basis.Most days 17+ species can be seen.
I'm starting to see more hummers as well in the last week.   Has anyone else seen an increase in hummer activity in the last week or so?

Good Birding,
James Bair
Waldo section of Kansas City, Missouri
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