Bob and others,
Sorry I didn't get more info out, was having computer problems yesterday. Much better today.
 I looked for the BBWD Friday morning at Fountain Grove CA and was unable to locate them. They could still be there though, lots places to hide out. Stinson Marsh is difficult to get into now since the Beavers riddled the levee with holes quite a few years ago where the trail ran along the west side. I waded in from the east side this time to keep the Sun at my back. Saw about a 100 Wood Ducks in there and 3 -4 Green Herons.
 Only found one Marsh Wren at the Wetland Boardwalk on West side of FGCA. Counted 5 Redheaded Woodpeckers in dead trees at South end of marsh. Flocks of  Bobolinks feeding along road that goes South from there. 
Unless it has changed the last few days you can actually drive the road to the East entrance at Swan. It was closed almost all year until recently due to high water across the spillway at south end of Silver Lake. They just have left the signs up that say road closed - ? - after last two years probably figured it would get flooded again soon. When it was closed they had barricades across the road also. I don't see the Terns and gulls much over on that side anymore since most of the dead snags they roosted on are gone now. have better luck now on the NE side at Taylor Point - access south off of hwy E
Non birding note - Roadkill Armadillo about 5 miles West of Stewartsville, Dekalb Co.
 Steve Kinder
 Chillicothe, Livingston Co. 
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Subject: Fountain Grove; Swan Lake 8/15
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Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 7:11 PM

Gary Johnson, Paul Habiger and I visited Fountain Grove CA and Swan Lake NWR today. On the way home we went by Sunshine Lake and Cooley Lake CA.
Birding was tough --   singing has tapered way off -- but we ended the day with 71 species. Gary did hear several sedge Wrens singing at Fountain Grove. We did not get the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks at Fountain Grove. However, we could not figure out how to get in to view Stinson Marsh. They may well be there. Caspian Tern and an imm. Bald Eagle were probably our best birds there.
A Swan Lake, the shorebirds were quite distant, as expected. We were able to call one breeding plumaged Black-bellied Plover and a few others, such as Spotted Sandpiper, Solitary Sandpiper, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpiper. However, some of the others were too far to call.
We did see and hear a Sedge Wren. Except for a lone ault Blue Goose, Silver Lake was a disappointment. The road to the east entrance (where I usually see roosting terns) was closed.
We picked up Stilt Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper and Killdeer in a puddle on the way home. We also drove by Sunshine Lake and Cooley Lake. Sunshine yielded an adult Bald Eagle and a Cooper's Hawk. Cooley yielded a flying Hooded Merganser, a swimming Pied-billed Grebe and a Green Heron.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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