I went out to TRW this afternoon after the RAIN finally stopped - NINE inches here since Sat. night!  Mucho flooding again! The wetland still looks like a Sea of Green, except for the deeper parts -but there is water under much of the vegetation now. No shorebird habitat for shore, in fact didn't even see or hear a Killdeer!  Some birds I did see;
White Pelican - 5
 Great Egret - several
 Great Blue Heron - few
Green Heron
 Black-crowned Night Heron - 2 imm
Sora - flushed 2 - my FOS migrants
Blue-winged teal - 300+
 Northern Shoveler - couple
 Wood Duck
Forester's Tern - several
Black Tern - three different groups, total of 60+ heading South - wonder if they ended up at Smithville Lake tonight?
Sedge Wren - many singing
Marsh Wren - 3 at one place
Bobolink - flock of 25, + smaller groups scattered around
Dickcissels, Song Sparrows, and Indigos in the native Sunflowers
 I had been hoping to go back to Swan Lake NWR today to check on shorebirds there. I heard they had lots of rain also, so probably no shorebird habitat there right now either. Maybe by the wknd? the road over the Spillway at Silver Lake most likely will be closed again for awhile so wont's be able to get through from East gate. BTW - hwy 139 West of Sumner is closed for scheduled bridge repairs, in case anyone was planning to get to Swan from that direction in the near future.
 Steve Kinder
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