The Thursday group decided to look for last week's Western Kingbird pair across from McDonnell Douglas (oops, make that Boeing facilities) across 94 from Hardees, but had no luck there or a little further north across from the IGA where they nested three and four years ago.  We did see nest remnants on the pole across from IGA where they had nested way to tell what year or what species for sure.  We then checked at the huge rec centers near Ferguson and Taussig where Derick Driemeyer had seen them earlier in the year, again without luck.  We then doubled back to Prouhet Farm Rd...still no WEKI's.
We checked some sod farms near New Town on the way to Riverlands, but no shorebirds except a few Killdeer.  At Riverlands' Heron Pond most got decent looks at two or three singing Sedge Wrens.  We did not see or hear any Marsh Wrens there or around Two Pecan Pond, but Richard Coles and Joe Whittington did see two Semi-palmated Plovers, one close, one across Heron Pond that we got in the scopes.  Several Least Terns still flying around Ellis Bay and the barges, a few DC Cormorants, a few RB Gulls, a few Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets.  Water on other side of levee at Wood Stork Corner and Riverlands Way drying up fast.  Nothing notable at water on left on way to Spillway.  Plenty of swallows, including Purple Martins flying around everywhere.
Oh, by the way, saw 5 or 6 C Nighthawks hunting above Hi Pointe Wed. evening after going to see Julie and Julia at the Hi Pointe Theater, (a very pleasant place to watch the film).
Sorry Renee had to leave early for a luncheon appointment, but hope to see her back soon.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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