A lot of visitors to the yard and feeders this morning, just
west of Troy.
Black-capped Chickadees, Titmice, Downey, Hairy and Red-bellied
Woodpeckers, Canada Goose, Mourning Doves, a very proud Daddy
Northern Cardinal feeding his babies. many Housefinches,
Eastern Phoebe, RT Hummingbirds, Great Blue Heron, Eastern 
Kingbirds, Northern Mockingbird, Brown Thrush, American Robin,
Killdeer, American Goldfinch ---- and Mom and Dad Eastern Bluebirds
who are feeding four hatchlings that are between 8 and 10 days old. 
This Bluebird pair successfully raised a brood of five babies,
building their nest over Memorial Day weekend with the babies
successfully fledging on the morning of July 2nd. 
Finally, I was in a rush getting ready to leave for work
and didn't have time to photograph, or even get the binoculars,
but my wife and I both saw a somewhat "largish" wren with a
very distinct white eyestripe. I'm not going to speculate further
unless I can get a photograph.
There were House Sparrows, too.
The past two evenings, when driving home, there have been
large numbers of European Starlings, I believe (it's been
somewhat dark when I've been by) sitting on the wires north
of Highway 40 both east and west of Boone's Crossing. Lots of
birds making the wires sag.
John Hitzeman
Troy, MO
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