Hi Pat,

I walked the Blue Grosbeak Trail Sunday afternoon, shortly before

the rain hit. I saw a couple of RT Hawks, and quite a few 

Blue Grosbeaks - imagine that???

But that was about it. Of course I was lugging two cameras, a tripod

and a couple of extra lenses, all in all about 35 pounds of camera stuff.

With the temps in the mid-90's, doing a really fast walk back to the 

car before the rain hit (I barely made it in time) probably helped

me to lose about 4 pounds! 

Things were very busy in the back yard this morning. I'll post

that info shortly.

Good Luck Tomorrow, Pat!

John Htzeman

Troy, MO

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I have unexpectedly been given a gift of a full day to go birding (or whatever else) tomorrow!? However, I am unsure where to go.? Last year I went to BK Leach on the 18th for shorebirds but saw very few.? Also, alas, I don't have a scope, so I was thinking more of regular land birds.? Can someone suggest a day trip?? I'm thinking of Weldon Springs or BCA (Lost Valley?)? Or maybe the swing past Horseshoe Lake up to Riverlands and Two Rivers?? I was there 10 days ago and without a scope it was tough.? Any suggestions out there you'd be willing to share?

Pat Maloney

South St. Louis

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