Amazing!  We are starting Phase V of the cooperative agreement between the Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM) and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to build checklists for conservation areas (the CACHE program).

This is a Win/Win/Win program.

1.  Birders have access to online, dynamic, printable checklists for conservation areas
2.  MDC (and the rest of us) have a very good picture of what birds are there (relevant to management decisions)
3.  ASM receives funds for this effort that are used for partnerships for habitat-related projects in Missouri.

All Missouri birders can contribute to the building of these checklists just by birding any conservation area and filing a report of the birds found.  The CACHE data entry (and the many, many ways to look at and print out data beyond mere checklists) are on the ASM webpage,  All conservation areas are in the CACHE database.  Each year a few target areas are selected. 

The TARGET areas for Phase V are:

Big Creek CA, Adair Co.
Bohigian CA, Phelps Co.
Bois D’Arc CA, Green Co. 
Duck Creek (Greenbrier Unit--the "original" Duck Creek), Bollinger, Stoddard, Wayne Co.
Little Dixie Lake CA, Callaway Co. 
Little Prairie CL, Phelps Co. 
Perry Mem. CA, Johnson, Saline, Pettis Co. 
Platte Falls CA, Platte Co. 
Prairie Home CA, Cooper, Moniteau Co. 
St. Stanislaus CA, St. Louis County

Target areas are designated for special attention for the next year.  Go visit one of these for the first time, or to renew an old acquaintance.  If you need help entering data into CACHE, contact:

Patrick Harrison: [log in to unmask]
Edge Wade:  [log in to unmask] 

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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