This evening we had 9 species of shorebirds (Least, Pectoral, Semi-palmated, Stilt, Solitary and Spotted sandpipers; killdeer, semi-palmated plovers; lesser yellowlegs) at Pool 2 and the “acuff” loop.    The closest birds for viewing were at Pool 2.    However, the section of the distribution channel that has been holding the most shorebirds, did have a large flock of medium sized shorebirds on the far shore – by the time we got the scopes up, they had taken off and up as if leaving for good.


We had no trouble at all driving the “acuff” loop with a regular car.   As Susan mentioned, it was a real treat in this hot weather to have the car nearby.    Thanks again, Shauna!


Jean Leonatti
Boone County, Columbia, MO
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