This morning Myrna Carlton, Doris Fitchett, Terry McNeely and I visited Helton Praire Natural area at the NW corner of Helton CA., Harrison Co. Mo. We were there mostly to view the peak of the Praire Blazing Star bloom. Quite a sight with 100's and 100's of these blooming among lots of different kinds of yellow, white, and other purple praire flowers! Has really been a great year to experience this little gem of an area. CHECK IT OUT IF YOUR'E IN THE AREA.
There are always birds around too -
  Sedge Wrens in many places, including the natural area
  Bobolinks - quite a few nest here and still a few moving around the area
 Henslow's Sparrows - a few still singing
 Odd sight of a Grasshopper Sparrow without a tail sitting on a fence
 Upland Sandpiper - flight call heard
 Dickcissels and Field Sparrows very vocal
 Lots of Am. Goldfinches along the roadsides - many flying up out of the Chickory where they were feeding on the seeds from the still blooming [blue] plants. I have noticed them doing this other places the last several days.
 Good numbers of Am. Kestrals and Redheaded Woodpeckers along the way.
 Big bunch of Purple Martins landing in the tops of some leafy trees.
  Cliff Swallows - some still going to nests under bridge
 Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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