May 3rd(an eternity ago), I had "my" hummingbird return to her kingdom.  Little Love is my nickname for her(this is her 2nd year here).  I have a modest backyard, yet it is filled w/H-Bird specific plants, along w/2 feeders.  The landscape plants for her is xeriscape.  Mint family mostly-Agastache and Salvias.  One feeder is in the middle of the plants, the other is on a window-first story.  I also have an arbor w/hayacinth bean that is near the window feeder.  She had the lay of the land until this week.  LL was at the window feeder, yet was chattering up  a storm.  For 3 months, I have been able to sit on the back porch while she was at the window feeder.  So why the fuss?  I quickly noticed 6 marauders sampling the plants and feeder.  Aha!  This was most unacceptable.  This Motley Crue must go!  LL tried on several attempts to "encourage" the crew to leave.  She would retreat to the window feeder and lash out verbally her frustrations.  After several days of this, LL chose height, rather than rich natural nectar for her current territory.  She sits on an outcropping of the vine, or perches on the window feeder.  Either way, her beak movements are as if she is watching a tennis match.  The crew is an untidey group w/arguments between themselves.  From what I have seen, they are made up of juvenile males.  There is a neutral zone in the yard.  I find it most interesting that height was chosen over natural nectar sources.  Last year, LL was last seen on Sept.9th  eventhough the plants were in full bloom untill the first hard frost.  I will be curious when the crew leaves and when my Little Love is compelled to go.
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis, Co.

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