This morning I relocated the BB Whistling Ducks at Fountain Grove CA, Linn/Livingston Co. They had moved North from where they were along the road back into a swampy area called Stinson Marsh - lots of dead and down trees, Button Bush, etc. they were feeding in a shallow pool with some Canada Geese, Mallards, and bunch of Wood Ducks. Two BBWD remained in this pool when the other birds spooked and flew off. They were very alert and watched me though. I was pretty sure I had seen another one fly when the rest of the Waterfowl took off.  Saw several hundred white Pelicans flying over the East side of the area while I was there. Sedge Wrens and a few Bobolinks were in that part of area also.
  I made a quick stop at the Wetland Boardwalk on the West side of the area. More SEWR calling along the way and one near the start of the BW. Marsh Wrens were not singing but managed to coax a couple up from the marsh. Nice flock of 30+ BOBO where the road srts in towards the boardwalk. Flock of couple hundred Brown-headed Cowbirds up the road near the sunflower fields.
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