Mobirders - 
Mississippi Kite continue to be observed in Joplin also
besides the St. Louis area.  Frankie Meyer called me the
other day and I observed two adults over their swimming
pool at 2235 Fallen Oak, east Joplin, Sunday evening, 
August 9.  

I have not observed, and do not have any reports of, MIKI 
from the nearby towns, including Miami OK, Pittsburg KS
and Carthage, Neosho and Nevada MO.  

We found our first nest here in Joplin back in about 1998.
Some college students monitored the nest one afternoon
through my scope and, besides grasshoppers, cicadas,
and beetles, they were sure that a hummingbird was one
of the prey items!

MIKI will be taking off shortly.  They winter all the way down
in southern South America!

Good birding,  Larry H.  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.

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