Tonight while hanging out in front of the Maplewood Bike shop just West of Big Bend on Manchester, I happened upon a group of small parrots on the wires on the North side of the street. There were at least 4, one was immature. It was dusk and the light was terrible. They were not monk parakeets, their heads were yellow but they were not as large as a yellow headed parrot. I will hopefully refind them in better light.

A little over 9 years ago I had a Red Masked Parakeet visiting my feeder for a couple of weeks during a cold February. He seemed very at home and adapted to the wild. I called area vets and Parrot Rescue but noone in the area had reported their parrot missing.

More and more  urban parrot colonies are being studied by conservationists.Conservationists are optimistic that the parrots’ successful adaptation to more northerly urban environments bodes well for their future, despite the loss of much of their ancestral rainforest habitat. I Know these escapee can be agricultural pests but I am fascinated by how intelligent and adaptable they are. The off-spring of escapees , though born in the city, are wild birds nonetheless, carrying on lifestyles not unlike those of their ancestors back in the jungles of South America. 

Although not "countable" by ABA standards. I believe their presence is worth noting.

Mary Anne Auer
Richmond Heights, MO

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