The recent post about a confirmed sighting of a VEHU got me thinking.  I did 
not post this last week as I had no proof to show others.  While in the yard of 
Pat Kennedy trying to photograph the Mississippi Kites, I noticed a lovely 
trumpet vine they had growing and the RT Hummers were feeding actively 
there.  One Hummer flew right in front of me that caught my attention.  What 
immeidately drew my attention was the coloration of this particular bird.  The 
breast was a vibrant green and I saw a patch of blue.  It fed for just a 
moment and then flew through the vines to the other side.  At the time, I was 
so consumed with the Kites I did not follow up on this strange hummingbird.  I 
knew it was vastly different than any other I had seen before.

I did not follow up on it later either after my photo op that morning.  The post 
the other day got me to thinking about what I saw and I looked in Sibleys.  I 
saw the picture BEFORE I saw the name and there before me was what I saw 
in their yard, a Violet-eared Hummingbird!

I do not have any proof or pictures to present to back up my sighting.  Pat 
and his wife were there and she saw it with me.  I am not an expert birder 
either but I am very detail oriented, product of my photography, and as such, 
things stand out in my mind and this is one of those items.  I am quite 
confident of what I saw and now have a name to put with it.  Pat is keeping 
an eye out for me and if it shows up again, I will know.  Thought this story 
might be worth keep your eyes open at your feeders and plants as 
you never know what may show up.

Jason G. Harrison
Troy, Missouri

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