A few weeks ago there was a posting about a pair of Mississippi Kites nesting 
in someones backyard and the contact info was given.  I contacted the land 
owner and last week I visited the site and staked it out in hopes the Kites 
would return.

In my wait, this nice young RT Hawk came in and landed in the tree the Kites 
normally do.  I took advantage of the mornings golden light and took these 
images.  Then later in the morning took more pictures as the Hawk was 
content to stay there.  Notice how the different light effects the colors on 
this beautiful bird.  Click on link, best viewing full screen, click on right arrow 
for more pictures, click on thumb nails for larger view.

The land owner, Pat Kennedy, was very gracious and helpful in my quest to 
see and photograph the Kites.  Soon, one flew in, but saw the Hawk on the 
tree and flew down the tree line and perched there for a long while.  It later 
flew in toward this tree again, but the Hawk was content on staying in this 
perch.  This old dead tree is a PERFECT vantage point above most of the 
other trees.  It offers great visibility to any predator looking down at all the 
chipmunks and rabbits running around this nicely wooded area.  

I came back again the next morning and again the Hawk was there and the 
Kites did not land in this perch but I did see them flying over head a few 

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