Dave -
Was the bill real long & thick?  Like about twice the length of other

...Dave Faintich

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At 04:05 PM 8/9/2009, Edge wrote:

A Wilson's Plover is a BIG DEAL.  Much bigger than BB Cuckoo.  Has this been
confirmed?  Have car, will travel if there is a Wilson's Plover in Missouri!
This would be a state bird for many, many people.

OK, I'm new at this, hopefully someone else nearby can confirm or correct

I did not get out the spotting scope but used a pair of stabilizing 15x30
binocs and it was near enough to the end of the pond I was at to be easily

Slightly smaller than a Killder, but larger than semipalmated plover.  Size
in between I'd say.

Single black necklace like a semipalmated, maybe a bit thicker.  The black
cap looked to be right amount and coverage

Bill all black.  

What are the other options?  Juvenile something else?  What other birds that
would fit the bill (pardon the pun)?

As I said, I am green/new enough at this I may be mis-identifying something
else.  VERY open to being corrected, or supported.

It was on the mud-flats at northern end of Heron Pond at RMBS, we were there
5:30-7:00 p.m. Saturday August 8.  We parked at the gate to the road on the
west side of the pond, I walked down the road to the bridge crossing the
creek there and stood on the rock pile and looked out across the pond.  When
I got there someone had just come back from taking some photos at the same
spot there with a fairly large telephoto lens.  After I left a red mini-van
stopped at same place and was there for awhile, still there when we left I


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