I made it to Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area in southern Boone County 
yesterday evening. I had 7 species of shorebirds, nothing was unexpected or 
new. The hot temps and blowing winds are rapidly dying up the pools creating 
lots of hard baked mud around their edges.It was great having the loop to 
the disabled blind open. I was able to drive the levee top road, doing my 
shorebird spotting from the relative comfort of my air conditioned car. 
Numbers of shorebirds were slightly down from earlier in the week. I did 
find some shorebirds in the pool by the other disabled blind (think it 
overlooks pool 4) but again that water is rapidly disappearing.

Most interesting study for the trip was the viewing of the blackbirds. While 
98% were Red-winged Blackbirds they were present in all ages and plumages. 
Very interesting. Ditto for the Common Grackles that were intermixed. The 
numbers of blackbirds are going up. Time to start looking for the elusive 
Yellow-headed Blackbird that every so often shows up in central MO.

Full report on the trip will show up in CACHE later in the week.

Susan Hazelwood
Columbia, Boone County, MO
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