Hit Hwy 79 sod farms and Sandy Slough (Winfield Dam) in search of 

LOTS of Killdeer at the various sod fields.
- Back field of Emerald View Sod Farm in St. Chas co., Peraque Creek Road
- Keeteman/Glacial Sand rd (Old Monroe sod fields)
- field just north of Keeteman rd had one AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER along
with bunches of Killdeer in a wet spot in the middle of the field.

FINALLY found one BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER in the sod fields just south of 
This is on Fishers Road.

Sandy Slough at Winfield Dam was drawn down with few shorebirds at the 
One had to go down Sandy Slough rd toward Hwy 79 to find the shorebirds.
Not that many birds (mid to upper hundreds spread out) with the usual birds 
reported so far......... but FAR more birds there than earlier in the week.

Nothing that we could see on the sod fields along Hwy B, St. Chas co.
Have not checked the sod fields along MO Bot. Road.

Hayford Road had NO habitat.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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