1.  There is a review process for CACHE records.  The system is set  
to catch "odd" entries, which are then reviewed manually.  Errors  
surely exist (humans are involved), but they are very few.

2.  MDC area managers have full access to CACHE records.  How they  
use them is MDC's business.  MDC employees are among contributors of  
data to CACHE.

3.  I do not have a full list of projects.  I have asked Brad Jacobs,  
MDC project officer [and MBRC chair] and Jim Zellmer, ASM President,  
to provide a list of partnership projects ASM has committed/is in the  
process of committing funds for conservation projects. These include  
some "out of the way" places that may not have expensive, showy signs  
prclaiming the partners involved.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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