At 04:41 PM 8/9/2009, Dave Faintich wrote:
Dave -
Was the bill real long & thick?  Like about twice the length of other plovers?

I was thinking about this after posting earlier and looking through Sibley and Peterson some more.  It was longer and thicker in appearance to my eyes than the semi that was 50 ft away.  I went back and forth between them.  I am not sure I would characterize it as twice other plovers though.  I would say it was heavier than the semi, i.e. thicker, less delicate looking, but black rather than orange color would account for some of that.  I did not realize how unusual it was or would have spent more time.  I saw a recent post about using a cell phone thru binocs and tried it, amazingly it works but I didn't think to do it for this bird; kicking myself now.


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