To provide more shorebird viewing opportunities, the loop that runs behind the Acuff disabled-access blind (west of the Distribution Channel) will be open Friday through Saturday (7-9 August).  To access the loop, continue west of the Junction Box through the open pipe gate.  Follow the mowed field road behind the Acuff blind.  Viewers can continue south, following the mowed road and turn east on the cross levee to exit the loop.  Please respect the off-limits field roads, indicated by sawhorses.  The loop will be closed again on Monday.


I hope this extra half mile, provides some great weekend opportunities!



Shauna R. Marquardt

Wildlife Biologist

Missouri Department of Conservation

Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area

6700 West Route K

Columbia, MO 65203

Ph: 573-445-3882

Fx: 573-446-8672

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