Sorry to ask the question again, but I didn't receive any responses the last time. Does anyone have any information about the Benton heronry in Scott County, and whether it moved or disappeared? Technically, it is outside Benton in a private subdivision, and I know a number of birders have visited it over the years. When I tried to visit it this past weekend I noticed lots of development in the housing lots nearby and figure the birds have high-tailed it out of there. It is my understanding that the Benton heronry was the last big one (5000+ birds) left in the Mississippi Lowlands in MO and I am curious if any are left. No birds were coming in from any direction for several miles around, as I checked to see if they have set up shop nearby. Usually the roosts are pretty conspicuous.

Thanks for any and all info you can provide. I am contemplating a trip down to the Bootheel to try and relocate it so any info can save me some time and a potentially wasted trip.

Phil Wire
St. Louis Co.
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