It was a hot and muggy night...the full moon rose silvery white  
behind the rusty-bustled Sandhill Cranes...

Oh, yeah, just the facts, ma'am...

Shorebirds seen included:
60 Pectoral Sandpipers
20 Least Sandpipers
1 juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper
2 Stilt Sandpipers
4 Buff-breasted Sandpipers
3 Solitary Sandpipers
2 Spotted Sandpipers
100 or so Killdeer
1 Semipalmated Plover

Other birds included:
4 Green Herons
12 Great Blue Herons
9 Great Egrets
24 Canada Geese
22 Black Terns
2 Blue-winged Teal
10 Wood Ducks
1 Mallard
1 Belted Kingfisher

Weather permitting, we will have another shorebird i.d. field trip/ 
workshop next Tuesday evening, 5:45, meeting at the outhouse parking  
lot.  A message will be sent by 4 p.m. to confirm the trip is on or  
to cancel due to weather.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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