Dear Tom,
This is a wonderful set of excerpts because they place the play in the context of facts and knowledge rather than imposed ideas.
I now need to reread Schuchard, as it has been quite a while.  I'm glad you found the Chinitz good.

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Info on Sweeney Agonistes, post 6 of 6:

Abandoning the play:

[Schuchard, p96-100]
Eliot tinkered with Sweeney Agonistes for productions in the 1930S, but he finally abandoned any intention of completing it-perhaps because the human drama that motivated it had ended and the comedian had lost his ferocity, perhaps because his marriage itself had died, not to be reborn. On 8 April 1936 Eliot wrote to Paul Elmer More that it "has always pleased me that you had a special liking for Sweeney Agonistes: I think myself that it is the most _original_ thing that I have done." Nonetheless, Eliot explains, "It is useless to speculate whether, if circumstances had permitted my finishing that play at the time, it would have been equally good as a whole; the only thing that is certain is that twelve years have made too great a difference in me for me to touch it now" (Princeton).

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