I think they were mutually destructive.  But he had all the authority and social power.  Interestingly, he was in touch with Emily Hale again as early as 1923 and sent her books he inscribed. That is only 8 years into their miserable marriage.  He kept up that relationship with Hale for over 30 years.

>>> Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]>08/14/09 12:32 PM >>>
Some might say that Eliot did Viv in.
> Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 06:33:52 -0400
> From: [log in to unmask]
> Subject: Re: Dynamo, Flanagan, and that "third scene" from Sweeney Agonistes
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> > One questioner, referring to the lines,
> >
> > Every man has to, needs to, wants to
> > Once in a lifetime do a girl in,
> >
> > asked hopefully, "Mr. Eliot, did you ever do a girl in?" Mr. Eliot
> > looked apologetic and said, "I am not the type."
> I wonder how Eliot might have handled this question based on a closer
> reading of the text: "Mr. Eliot, did you ever want to do a girl in?"
> Regards,
> Rick Parker

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