I'm probably boring everyone to death with my new-found obsession for Sweeney Agonistes, but I'm hooked.

I found a photograph taken from the 1933 world premiere at Vassar which I'm attaching to this email. The picture can be found in an on-line preview of the book "The American Play", by Marc Robinson, p232. The link is:



By the way, I'm also getting interested in the life and career of Hallie Flanagan. I found a photo of her on-line which I'm also attaching.
(see the link at

From the reading I've been doing recently, it seems like Hallie Flanagan was a pioneer in theatrical productions.  Clearly Eliot was impressed, giving her permission to do the world premiere of Sweeney Agonistes and writing a "third scene" for the Vassar production (that Eliot personally attended). Also, according to an on-line article, "T. S. Eliot came to the world premiere of "Sweeney Agonistes" and pronounced it better than his own conception of the piece" (See book review of "Hallie Flanagan, A life in the American Theatre", by Joanne Bentley, 1988

-- Tom --

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