Tom Colket wrote:
> [ASG]is on-line and available for a free 
> download. It was digitized by the University
 > of Toronto in 2007 and is listed as "not in copyright".
> Try:

"After Strange Gods" *IS* still in copyright in the U.S. and I suspect
that in the E.U. it is protected for even a longer period.  Eliot
copyrighted the lectures making up the book in 1933 and the U.S. gave
him 28 years of protection at that time.  He renewed the copyright for
the lectures and ASG in 1951 for 47 more years and since that time
changes to copyright law gave him an additional 20 years of protection
gratis.  ASG will thus not enter into the public domain until January 1,
2019. You can look this up on the web as an exercise. The information
can be found on webpages; you don't have to search any site's

Despite the copyright on the work ASG can still be found on the web.

Recently I submitted a URL to a HTML version of ASG.  It worked on that
day but now the website is returning a 404 (not found) error.

I found another (PDF) version of ASG yesterday at

     Rick Parker