My remark was intended as a joke, but England was perhaps enticing to  him 
because of its lack of ethnic diversity at that time.
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Well, we do know that is not why he left America.  He was in Germany  as a 
student when WWI broke out and managed to make it to London.  He  settled 
in, got married, and did not want to be a philophy professor in the US  but a 
poet in England.  His parents did not want him to be a poet, so he  stayed 
away.  Of course that is only one thread of a complicated set of  potential 
reasons, but I know of no suggestion in his early texts that he  wanted to be 
in a homogeneous environment and that was his motive.

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And now we know the reason why he left America.  He would, I  suppose, be 
shock today to witness the cultures existing in London.
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The sentence that precedes the one about "free-thinking Jews" is as  
follows:  The population should be homogeneous; where two or more  cultures exist 
in the same place they are likely either to be fiercely  self-conscious or 
both to become adulterate."