The Call for Papers for the 2010 ASECS Annual Meeting, March 18-21 is
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Sessions seeking submissions:

"Presentation and Representation: Perceptions of the Ibero-American
World in the Eighteenth Century"  (Ibero-American Society for
Eighteenth-Century Studies)   Mark R. Malin, Dept. of Modern Languages,
  Randolph-Macon College, P.O. Box 5005, Ashland, VA 23005; Tel: (804)
752-7252 (w); (804) 264-0292 (h); Fax: (804) 752-8990; E-mail:
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In a two-part, Transatlantic session that honors and celebrates the
twentieth anniversary of the founding of IASECS (the Ibero-American
Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies), these panels propose to explore
the theme of outsiders' reflections, perceptions, presentations and
representations of the Ibero-American world: ranging from its culture,
literature,  art   music  and  infrastructure to the Spanish
colonization of the New World.  The panel solicits and encourages
interdisciplinary approaches and submissions from the arts, music,
literature or history on any of the Ibero-American world's visitors or
commentators, from the sympathetic to the hostile; from contiguous
neighbors to more distant visitors.


"Portraits and Money" Bradford Mudge, Dept of English, U. of Colorado
Denver, 2344 High Street, Denver, CO  80205; Tel: (303) 328-7408; Fax:
(303) 556-2959; E-mail: [log in to unmask]

Portraits of any kind (in oils or stone, pencil or print, formal or
satiric) and their relationship to money (coin or paper, symbolic or
actual, real or counterfeit). Portraits as money; money as portrait.
Identities and authenticity; currencies and counterfeits.

"Special Delivery: French Epistolarity"

This seminar seeks proposals on French epistolarity in any form, with
special attention to letter-novels. Ideally, the seminar will present
the range of novels in this genre that were often best-sellers but that
are less well-known today. Papers that analyze more than one work and/or
more than one author are especially welcome.

Proposals may be sent to
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Deadline is 15 September.

Transnational Connections: Looking @ 18th-C Border Crossing

This panel is interested in 18th-C texts (visual, written, or otherwise)
that can be viewed as transnational; research projects that look at
traditions and exchanges across national or linguistic borders; migration of
goods, peoples, and ideas; et cetera. In general, the panel wants to look
beyond the idea of nation-state or linguistic groupings in order to see
connections between larger geographical (Mediterranean,Pan-European,
Transatlantic, Pacific, Global) and ideological connections.

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This work will be an account of Enlightenment historical writing with
particular attention to its philosophical and political significance.  The
work has been commissioned by Brill (Leiden) for its series on
historiography (Historiography in the Middle Ages has already appeared;
volumes on historiography in the Renaissance and the Early-modern period
are forthcoming). We project a work of around fifteen 20-30-page chapters.
  Around half the chapters will be devoted to central figures, while the
other half will be devoted to themes.

Authors are invited to submit proposals for chapters on any of the
following writers: Gibbon, Hume, Robertson, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Herder,
and Vico.

Authors are equally invited to submit proposals for chapters on the
following themes:
- Enlightenment self-understanding as a historical period
- biblical criticism
- 'historicism' and its relationship to Enlightenment
- the political deployment of the ancients
- natural law and history
- stadial theories of history
- history in national contexts (a survey).

Proposals for chapters on themes or authors other than those listed are
also welcome.

The work will be a survey of some central uses of history during the
Enlightenment, with particular attention to the political significance of
historiography. Our intention is neither to have a dry, encyclopaedic
tome, nor to have a pastiche of unrelated articles, but rather to offer a
coherent volume of articles contributing original argument on a
sufficiently general level so as to accessible to non-specialists and
graduate students but also of sufficient originality to be compelling for

Chapter proposals should contain an abstract of 200-250 words.  Authors
are also requested to submit a C.V. The deadline for the submission of
proposals is Dec. 15, 2009.  Authors will then be selected.  The book will
be published in English, but submissions in German or French are also
welcome (we will provide translations).

Dr. Robert Sparling
School of Political Studies
University of Ottawa
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Call for Papers-Publishing Opportunity

I am putting together a volume of essays devoted to the subject of
single-artist, thematic, and single-object exhibitions in the eighteenth
and nineteenth centuries, organized and displayed outside of academic
jurisdiction. It is tentatively called Alternative Venues. Essays will
explore the functions, meanings, organizational and visual structures,
and/or successes/failures of artists' solo shows (e.g., Courbet's
Pavilion of Realism), exhibitions of thematically unified work (e.g.,
Fuseli's Milton Gallery), and displays of single art objects (e.g.,
David's Intervention of the Sabine Women). It is my hope that the
collection as a whole will highlight the innovation and modernity of
such exhibitions, while perhaps setting their motivations and functions
into relief against similar displays in the contemporary art world.
Essays dealing with landmark exhibitions in the first half of the
twentieth century will also be considered for inclusion.

Publishing interest has already been expressed by a very reputable
press, famed for such volumes of art historical essays. Please send a CV
and 3-5 page abstract by October 1, 2009 to Andrew Graciano, Department
of Art, University of South Carolina, 1615 Senate Street, Columbia, SC
29208 USA or by email at [log in to unmask]

Andrew Graciano, PhD
Assistant Professor of Art History
Department of Art
University of South Carolina
1615 Senate Street
Columbia, SC 29208
office: (803) 777-6631
fax: (803) 777-0535
email: [log in to unmask]


The Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies invites you
to join us for the 2010 annual conference that will be held in Johnson City,
Tennessee, on February 18-20.  The deadline for proposals is October 8,
2009.  Click here for the CFP
<> .

We welcome proposals for papers and full panels that explore this yearıs
theme, ³Echoes of Heritage and Place.²  Click here for the List of Current
Panels and Panel Chairs
<> .  Proposals
should be submitted to panel chairs no later than October 8, 2009.
Abstracts should be approximately 250-300 words; please include your school
affiliation and both physical and e-mail addresses with your submission.

We also invite proposals for individual papers and full panels that explore
other topics. Please submit these proposals no later than October 8, 2009,
to Dr. Judith Slagle, East Tennessee State University, English Department,
P. O. Box 70683, Johnson City, TN, 37614. Proposals can also be sent
electronically to [log in to unmask] Proposals for papers should be 250-300
words; please include your school affiliation and both physical and e-mail
addresses with your submission. Submissions for full panels should include a
brief overview of the panelıs purpose and a short abstract of each paper;
please provide the affiliation and both physical and electronic contact
information for the panelıs chair as well as for each presenter.

For more information about conference events, registration forms, travel
information, and hotel accommodations, please visit the SEASECS 2010
<>  website.  Be sure to bookmark us
for easy access, later.  Also, take time to visit and bookmark our society's
new website at SEASECS <> .

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