A home I frequent regularly for lawn care and landscaping has had a healthy colony of P-Martins and Eastern Bluebirds throughout the spring and summer.  The customer(Tom), and I have established a good rapport regarding bird activity in his yard.  On Mon., I could have posted on the birds I saw there alone!   Three weeks ago, he told me "his" Martins would leave and be replaced by migrating Martins.  Tom was spot on!  A colony of maybe 25 Martins, turned into 45+!  The new birds were from somewhere else, taking a respite, before moving on.  He was quite enthused in showing me the differences in their behavior.  The new arivals had some juveniles w/them and were much more "talkative".  Tom has had an established colony for about 4 years.  I wonder how many of those years his home has been used for a "rest stop".  I will see him this Sunday and ask. 
I had to laugh at this:  I always knew when my friend was mowing in the vicinity of the Martins' home.  A cloud of 30-40 Martins would fly over me, w/calls.  I was on the opposite side of the house.  They liked the activity, however. I think we disturbed tasty insects for the Martins to catch!
Neat to see and experience,
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis, Co.

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