Hi Everyone,
Ahh, what a relief to actually chase a bird and find it!  David and I went to Jefferson City yesterday morning in hopes that we might catch a glimpse of the painted bunting seen by many behind the Steak 'n Shake on Missouri Blvd and did we ever?  Not only did we finally find the male, but we were treated to two other painted buntings - one definately a juvenile and the other I am guessing as a female.  The juvenile was the most obvious one of the bunch as it was yacking it's beak off begging for food.  That was the reason David and I found them in the first place. 
After sitting in the car next to the cardboard recycle bin behind Steak 'n Shake staring at the trees waiting for something to move we thought it was a better idea to walk behind the Taco Bell where it had been spotted in more recent days.  I was listening to the bird activity and I heard something different than the house sparrows sitting in the tree tops waiting for something to fall out of the drive thru window.  I spotted the juvenile and female painted buntings first and then the male who was hanging out very close to the ground.  He didn't come up much the whole time we were there, which by the way was from 9:45 am to around 11 am.  They worked the green strip between both Steak 'n Shake and Taco Bell and the Wal-Mart Supercenter to the south moving from left to right.  David and I saw the male feeding the juvenile, so they were definately a family. 
What a treat, and with a few good looks at the male it was a great day!  Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry last week on whether or not it was still there and I wish luck to those in the future who haven't seen it.  Oh, by the way, the friendly manager who came out to see what we were doing said there have been several folks there playing recordings to lure the bird out, so folks please be careful and don't overabuse the use of recordings!!!  You know who you are!
Good birding!
Vanessa Melton
New Franklin, MO
Howard County

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