Hi, I'm Jenny Gunn, a recent retiree of Mineral Area College where I taught life sciences for 30 years.  I've been following your Emails for a few years and have loved reading and sharing your excitement and sometimes your conflicts.  I have a concern which has been growing as I read about more and more people playing taped calls to birds.  Maybe I was educated too many years ago but we were always greatly discouraged from playing taped calls to birds.  I understand the use of calls for Marsh birds and a few other grops but isn't there a chance that too many people are playing too many taped calls to birds?  Is there no longer concern over this confusing or conflicting the birds on territories?  I remember from years ago that males on territories will react less and less to neighboring males after a time but that doesn't work with taped calls.  Someone, anyone, straighten me out if I'm wrong.  Thanks
Jenny Gunn
8069 Greystone Lane

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